Other translation services

Translation and localisation

of websites

Your corporate website or eshop is your main means of promotion and the image of your business in the global market. A professional translation and localisation of your website increases the chances of attracting new customers, as the capabilities of your products and services will be presented comprehensibly and adapted to the specific nature of each language and culture.

Factors that shape the cost of translating a website are:

  • The number of words in the content of a webpage
  • The way of extraction of the texts
  • The file format of the original texts
  • The languages to be translated
  • The sector to which it relates
  • The need to translate images and multimedia and corresponding graphic processing

Please contact us if you are interested in more details about this service.

Translation and localisation

of software

Software translation and localization is a process that requires special expertise beyond a simple translation of texts and special language treatment.

In Ad Hoc Translations team we have experienced and specialised collaborators who can undertake the successful translation and localisation of software and applications

Our team is able to manage specific linguistic and terminological demands, as well as a wide range of basic localisation tools ensuring the integrity of the code.